High Voltage Resin Casting Technology

Essex X-Ray is a long established specialist in HV resin casting technology, with unparalleled expertise in material technology and manufacturing.  Based on years of experience, we are able to address the specific needs of our customers in order to provide them with optimal insulation solutions.

High Voltage Insulation

Based on customer-specific requirements, Essex X-Ray design and produce insulators for high voltage cable and associated equipment, supplying to global OEM high voltage equipment manufacturers and research establishments.

High Voltage Receptacles & Bushing Isolators

High Voltage receptacles and Isolators for HV systems have to meet very demanding requirements regarding mechanical, electrical as well as thermal stress. The criteria for selecting insulation components are complex and diverse due to the variety of applications available. Many installations have unique characteristics that require special solutions.

Resin Casting Design

Product design is supported by in-house mould tool manufacturing capability for rapid prototyping through to final assembly and testing. We vacuum cast components of almost any shape and size, integrating high voltage contacts, devices and fixings into the finished product.