Our Markets


Essex X-Ray’s bespoke capabilities compliment the aerospace market.


Essex X-Ray’s experience of protecting sensitive electronics is becoming increasing relevant to the automotive industry.

Essex X-Ray electronic Markets


Essex X-Ray are part of Heico Corporations global electronic technologies division


Essex X-Ray are an established supplier of leading OEM’s in the medical field.


Essex X-ray develops and supplies critical HV interconnect technology to leading Industrial Metrology OEM CT and X-Ray System manufacturers.

Electron Microscopy

Essex X-Ray are a trusted partner of leading SEM & X-Ray Microscope manufacturers, developing HV interconnection systems for high performance applications

Oil & Gas

Essex X-Ray supply leading equipment and service providers in oil and gas.

Renewable Energy

Essex X-Ray is utilising natural resources to provide sustainable energy solutions.

Essex X-Ray Pulsed Power Cables

Scientific Research

Essex X-Ray work in partnership with internationally renowned organisations to facilitate projects in physical and life sciences.

Security & Defence

As part of Heico Corporation, Essex X-Ray is intrinsically linked to the security & defence industry.