Essex X-Ray is a subsidiary of Heico Corporation Electronic Technologies Group of companies. We are a dynamic and flexible business with a global market. Our company is a competitive organisation that is highly respected in a number of industries. A diverse range of talented individuals thrive as part of our ambitious team

Production Operators

Essex X-Ray’s skilled production staff manufacture high voltage products to the highest standard. Our operators receive extensive training and are encouraged to undertake career development within the organisation.

Research & Development

Essex X-Ray’s design engineers create the innovative environment that drives the business forward. They deliver invaluable solutions to customers, developing products from conception through to production.


Essex X-Ray are fully certified under the BSI quality management system ISO 9001:2015. The management representative ensures that the QMS processes are established, implemented and maintained. Reporting to executive level, QA monitors and measures all activities within the organisation, identifying areas for continuous improvement in support of customer satisfaction.


Financial expertise is critical to the success of Essex X-Ray and plays a key role in the auditing process. Our accounts team assist senior management with key strategic decision making and work closely with Heico Corporation to manage the accounting functions.


Essex X-Ray’s dedicated sales and customer service team nurture global partnerships that are influential in growing the business. Their intricate knowledge of niche markets positions them to service a diverse customer base.


The Essex X-Ray brand is recognised as a world leader in high voltage technology. Marketing strategies focus on delivering world class products and commercial solutions that meet the challenges of modern society.


Essex X-Ray’s capable administrators keep the business moving. They are multi-skilled individuals who are heavily involved in the executive operations of the company.

Supply Chain 

The Essex X-Ray supply chain team have extensive experience of auditing suppliers, supplier approval and monitoring progress through to final delivery and inspection. Supplier KPIs are monitored and feedback provided to support continuous improvement. We use a broad base of “best in class suppliers” from UK/EU and international sources, with critical component suppliers accredited to ISO 9001:2015.