HV Technologies

high voltage shielded and unshielded cable

High Voltage Cable

Essex X-Ray high voltage cables assemblies are suitable for use on X-Ray apparatus for medical, industrial, research and control applications.

High Voltage Interconnect Systems

Essex X-Ray specialise in the design, manufacture and testing of high voltage interconnections

Essex X-Ray Resin Vacuum casting

Resin Vacuum Casting

Essex X-Ray is a long established specialist in resin casting with unparalleled expertise in material technology and manufacturing

Resin Encapsulation & Potting

Essex X-Ray are market leaders in resin encapsulation and potting technology utilising high-performance insulation materials, for medium to high voltage applications.

Essex X-Ray have several years’ experience of successfully building and installing Neutron Detectors 

Special Projects

Essex X-Ray specialise in high voltage interconnection systems, delivering engineering solutions. 

Test & Repair Service

Essex X-Ray have the resources to offer a test and repair service, using their expertise to rework damaged parts.

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