Essex X-Ray is a globally established manufacturer of high voltage engineering solutions. Active in over 40 countries, our products connect power and innovation.

We are world leaders in the design and manufacture of high voltage cable assemblies. Our company also specialises in resin vacuum casting, encapsulation and potting of electrical devices. Essex X-Ray is a trusted supplier of core cable and component parts for high voltage systems, providing optimal solutions that have defined characteristics.

As a partner of international research organisations, Essex X-Ray are developing the latest advances in science and technology. We understand the importance of shared knowledge and work alongside higher education to inspire the next generation of engineers.

Essex X-Ray is constantly evolving to reflect changes in society. The worldwide focus on climate change has seen an increased demand for renewable energy sources. As a bespoke manufacturer, we support research and development into new power technologies.

The highest standards of quality can be found throughout our business. Essex X-Ray is fully certified under the BSI quality management system ISO 9001:2015 and operates a controlled policy of continuous improvement.  

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