High Voltage Industrial X-Ray Cable Assemblies

Essex X-Ray is a trusted supplier and engineering partner of High Voltage Cable Assemblies to leading OEM’s in the X-Ray industry. Our innovative approach to product design and quality is proven to enhance the reliability and performance of high voltage X-Ray equipment. Essex X-Ray’s research and development is advancing the evolution of industrial X-Ray systems rated up to 600kV DC

X-Rays are generated by an X-Ray tube powered by a high voltage generator, which is connected to the cathode tube by an Industrial X-Ray cable assembly. The vacuum tube uses high voltage power to accelerate electrons released by the hot cathode at a high velocity. High velocity electrons collide with a metal target, the anode, creating X-Rays.

X-Ray tubes have evolved from the early Crookes tubes to be used in industrial fields such as radiography, material inspection and non-destructive testing.