High Voltage Analytical & Scientific (NDT) Cable Assemblies

Essex X-Ray design and manufacture High Voltage NDT, analytical and scientific cable assemblies and Receptacles for specialised use including X-ray fluorescence, X-ray crystallography, Electron microscopes and Electro optical equipment.

NDT Analytical & Scientific X-Ray examinations require extremely high resolution images. The X-Ray tubes used in this field generate small focal spots that are typically below 50 micron in diameter. Micro focus X-Ray sources use two basic types of tubes; solid-anode and metal-jet-anode. Cutting edge NDT Analytical & Scientific fields rely on methods such as non-destructive testing to evaluate and inspect materials, using equipment that requires customised high voltage solutions.

Essex X-Ray have a unique of portfolio of High Voltage NDT Analytical and scientific products and services to deliver the bespoke technical needs of system integrators. World leading X-Ray sources are powered by our high voltage interconnect products and services.