High Voltage Interconnect Systems

Essex X-Ray specialise in the design, manufacture and testing of high voltage interconnect systems. HV interconnection is found across a broad cross section of industrial, medical, commercial & scientific applications.

Our world leading expertise is built on established engineering principles. We offer over 50 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of high voltage interconnect systems. Whether you are looking for compatible spare parts, or developing a NEW system, Essex X-Ray can offer a high voltage interconnect solution to meet your needs.

Essex X-Ray High Voltage Interconnection

Essex X-Ray interconnect products start with an extensive catalogue of high voltage cable, rated from 10kV up to a megavolt. Our cable specifications feature improved insulation integrity and superior electrical properties.  Special consideration is given to material selection and physical characteristics to identify the most suitable cable for your operating environment.

We are a trusted partner of global high-energy physics organisations. We offer a tailored design service which delivers custom cables and interconnect solutions for specialised instruments including DESY’s FLASH free-electron laser. Our HV interconnect systems and technology is used in equipment such as Tokamak reactors, Muon Beam Lines and Linac Particle Accelerators.

High Voltage Interconnect Products & Services

Essex X-Ray’s standard HV interconnects, typically used in NDT inspection equipment are rated from 75kV to 320kV and include federal standard, mini-plug, pancake & rubber style terminations. HV cable assemblies can be configured to integrate into existing systems or designed bespoke for specific high voltage interconnection requirements. We also offer specialised interconnection for scanning electron microscopes (SEM), electron beam welding & lithography.

Our complete range of high voltage interconnects includes mating female components, ranging from standard epoxy receptacles to potted ceramic isolators. We provide customers with the flexibility to design sockets unique to individual systems, modifying outer profiles, internal components, and circuit configuration to conceptualise parts for each high stress application.

High Voltage Interconnect Solutions

Essex X-Ray has the working knowledge and understanding of materials under high voltage conditions to develop NEW innovative products which improve performance, reliability and reduce maintenance in high voltage insulation systems. Our wider portfolio of high voltage interconnect solutions includes HV Feedthroughs, HV Switches and encapsulated transformers, PCB’s & subsea interconnects.